Record attempt: 3 square meters of deep-fried meat is fried in Debrecen


On September 16, Marnevall Zrt. will prepare Hungary’s largest fried meat live. The record attempt included in the program series of the Zamat festival in Debrecen is also supervised by the Association of Hungarian Records.

Based on the preliminary plans, a nearly 3 square meter fried meat will be made, which is 150 times larger than normal-sized fried meat. For this extraordinary human performance, more than 30 kg of meat is required, and flour, eggs and crumbs will be used in an industrial batch for the breading so that the country’s largest deep-fried meat can be prepared.

To implement this not-at-all-ordinary idea, the company’s team will need custom-made tables as well as breading, flouring and egg-laying tubs. In addition to such sizes, frying itself is a special challenge, since the meat – even the fried meat prepared for Sunday soup at home – has to be immersed in the oil here as well. In order to do this, the meat is squeezed between collapsible grids, which by the end of cooking will weigh so much that 4 people will have to lift it out of the hot oil. By the way, the preparation time is the same as the cooking time of traditional-sized deep-fried meat, but this requires the right temperature, about 300 liters of oil and two experienced chefs, who will prepare the gigantic-sized deep-fried meat with traditional spices.

The fried-meat-cooking combined with the record attempt will take place at the Zamat festival, on Saturday, September 16, from 1:30 p.m. The audience of Zamat will not be left out of the delicious snacks either, as the freshly prepared, crispy fried meat will be distributed among the participants.

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