The first Hungarian child whose mother had previously undergone a heart transplant was born in Kisvárda


Hungarian cardiology care has reached a milestone: a child was born to a heart transplant mother for the first time in Hungary, the General Directorate of the National Hospital told.

They wrote that the mother received a new heart in 2009 at the Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center (GOKVI).

According to the plans, the mother would have given birth at the institute, but “the little newcomer could not wait”, so the baby was finally born in the maternity ward of the Szent Damján Greek Catholic Hospital in Kisvárda. During the birth, the hospital in Kisvárda kept in contact with GOKVI staff by phone. The birth took place naturally, they informed.

After that, the mother and her child were transported by ambulance to the Gottsegen György National Cardiovascular Institute, where further tests were carried out, and after a few days they were both able to leave the hospital in good health, the statement says.

(Debreceni Nap)

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