The DSI Debrecen certified a BMX world champion


Zoltán Kempf, the selected BMX freestyle competitor of the Hungarian Cycling Federation, continues his career in the DSI Debrecen Extreme-sport division.

The 27-year-old BMX rider, who won the world championship title in 2013, is now working to get a quota for the Paris Olympics.

Vice-mayor Diána Széles pointed out that the Debrecen Extreme Sports Park (DEBEX) was created a year ago to have high hopes. Debrecen could not be a stronghold of sports if there were no facilities that attract elite and/or mass sports, she said.

She emphasized that world events are organized so that children like sports, and if they see world stars, they can easily start and learn about them.

András Becsky, the managing director of Debreceni Sportcentrum Kft., explained that the DEBEX was handed over on March 18, 2023, the extreme sports division was established in the autumn of the same year, and now a world champion has been certified.

He explained that in addition to BMX, skateboarding is also present in the park, and both sports are included in the program of the Paris Olympics. He added that he hopes that Zoltán Kempf, aka Zozo, will already represent Debrecen at the current games, and that his presence in the park will give further impetus to the development of extreme sports.

World and national champion BMX freestyle competitor Zoltán Kempf said that he was asked to test the track in Debrecen even before it opened, and since then he has been regularly preparing for various competitions here. He believes that this is a unique complex in the country, which is why he decided to register with DSI.

He emphasized that the next competition he is preparing for will be the Olympic qualification competition in Shanghai between May 16 and 19.

The second stage of the qualification will be held in Budapest, on the Ludovika Campus, from June 20 to 23. In addition to BMX freestyle, break dancing, skateboarding and sport climbing will take place in the festival-like event.

The closing day in Budapest coincides with the Olympic Day, the celebration of the five-ring movement, which is held every year on June 23, and which this year also marks the end of the qualification period in Paris.


Photo: Instagram/zozokempf

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