University teaching appointments at the University of Debrecen


13 lecturers of the University of Debrecen accepted their appointment as university professors in the Hall of the Main Building on Thursday. Rector Zoltán Szilvássy handed over the document to the new professors of the institution.

– In our field, the title of university professor is the pinnacle, which can be achieved based on merit, performance, and feedback from students and colleagues. Being a university teacher also opens the last door of life’s career path. We will now open the lock for this together, the keys are the appointments. If the university professors join together, exchange ideas in accordance with the principle of multidisciplinarity and cooperate in the realization of the institution’s objectives, it is possible to get very far, said rector Zoltán Szilvássy.

Based on the decision published in the Hungarian Gazette by the President of the Republic, Katalin Novák, 13 lecturers of the institution were able to receive their appointment as university professors.

The following colleagues received the title of professor:


Faculty of  Law

Ildiko Bartha


Faculty of General Medicine

Rudolf Gesztelyi

Attila Jakab

Zoltán Varga


Faculty of Informatics

Zoltán Gál


Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science and Environmental Management

Csaba Juhász

Attila the Great

Mária Takács Hájos


Faculty of Engineering

György Csomós


Faculty of Science and Technology

Peter Petrik


Faculty of Music

Zoltán Csaba Nagy

Istvan Szabo

Waiting for Judit



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