The Faculty of Humanities celebrated the graduation of its students


After taking their oath, 83 students received their diplomas on Friday at the winter graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen.

35 candidates in the full-time bachelor’s program, 30 in the master’s program, 10 in the correspondence department in the bachelor’s program, and 8 in the master’s program met the requirements for obtaining a diploma.

The moment has finally arrived when, after receiving their diploma, they can join the crowded camp of humanities graduates from the institution. 110 years ago, in the first academic year of the Royal Hungarian University of Debrecen in 1914, in the first academic year of the then Faculty of Arts, Languages and History – which is the only one in the history of the university that continues to operate without interruption to this day – only 31 students studied here and 12 lecturers worked here. The faculty currently has three thousand students, who together with their instructors enjoy the privileged position of being able to enter the patinated Main Building of the institution every day

– said Róbert Keményfi in his festive greeting.

The dean of the Faculty of Humanities emphasized that the recent graduates are only at one – albeit significant – stop on their long journey, they have completed their studies and can receive their diploma, which proves the hard work they have put in.

But as soon as the moment of joy passes, the next stage comes: should I continue my studies, stay at the university, choose a teaching or scientific career, or should I rather go to work?

– Róbert Keményfi asked the question.

Whatever you decide, never forget what you learned as a student at the University of Debrecen, you can take the knowledge acquired here with you, use it and pass it on to the next generation

– concluded the dean’s speech.

English, German studies-Dutch studies, German studies-German, communication and media studies, community organization, Hungarian, international studies, ethnography, pedagogy, psychology, liberal arts, Slavic studies-Russian, social work, sociology, history and neo-Latin languages-French, a total of 83 students passed the final exam in the framework of the master’s program in English, Finnish studies, communication and media science, psychology, social policy, sociology, English teacher, Hungarian teacher, German teacher, history teacher, in the correspondence department in the bachelor’s program in communication and media science and psychology, and the master’s program in psychology and history teacher.

At the ceremony, the recognitions of the faculty and the University of Debrecen Student Self-Government (HÖK) were also presented.

The ceremony traditionally ended with the sounds of the Speech in the Dízdvara of the main building of the university.


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